5 Tips to improve your Smartphone Photography Skill Set

We are all Photographers

Here at Tremo Books, we think that everyone is a photographer. As solid proof we bring hundreds of beautiful smartphone pictures that turned out to be amazing photobooks. Today, photographers don’t need to spend thousands on expensive equipment, in fact you’re probably holding your photography power tool right now. Take a look at our top 5 tips which will help you shoot some stunning pictures right now!

1. Choose the right angle when taking a photo

Angle can be vital in photos – it can take an average picture and turn it into a showstopper. Why not get down low – or maybe go for a birds eye view? The key is to be different, break the rules and be as wild as possible!

2. Edit your photos

There are loads of free apps out there that can transform your photos – I love Snapseed which is available on the Android and Apple App Store. The key here is not to overdo it but experiment with all the available tools. 
If you don’t get on with one app – pick another! Your favourite app store has so much on offer, from Adobe Photoshop Express to editing within the Instagram app. 

3. Change the depth of field

Most smartphone cameras have a function which lets you change this. On a DSLR or maybe even your smartphone  you might see this displayed as an ‘f’ number. Some phones have a sliding scale to alter the focus. This is the magic tool to get you blurred backgrounds and a perfectly sharp image. The general rule of thumb is that a low “f” number is used for anything close up – think your insta friendly coffee break, selfies or flowers. Opt for a high “f” number if you want loads in focus. This is perfect for a cityscape, landscape or anything in between.

4. HDR Magic

HDR – or High Dynamic Range is a must have with smartphone photography. Some have this mode installed on your default camera app or you can apply this after you’ve taken the shot. Although it can be overused, it helps bring out the darkest and lightest parts of your picture to create a better colour balance overall.

5. Composition

Thinking about what’s in your image can help take it to the next level. In this instance – less is definitely more. The rule of thirds is an easy one to put into practice. Imagine your photo is divided into a simple 3×3 grid. You then place the subject of your image – so a person or building for example in one of those sections. In my picture of The Shard you can see I’ve placed it in the middle of the picture – but I’ve divided the whole image in a ⅔ sky to ⅓ river ratio. This just helps to create an overall interesting shot – think about where the viewer’s eye is going to go. What will they want to look at – your plain blue sky or the landscape below? 

We consider these 5 tips shown above to be easy ways for you to take your photography skills to a new level. As with any skill, photography is something that needs a bit of practice, depending on your goals. Our goal, within this article is to offer simple and handy ways for you to take more engaging and beautiful photos, so you can capture the precious moments of your life. And why not, turn them into a beautiful photobook someday.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning !