5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation For The People In Your Life

Gratitude, gratitude. It reciprocates and it helps us to enjoy life more. It sounds easy to put in practice, but I feel like many of us just don’t. Reasons?Really have no clue, but its benefits could convince you. So below, there’s 5 simple reasons to show gratitude or appreciation to people in your life.

1. Try to be an active listener

Really listening to what others have to say it is pretty important. It is a sign that we respect them and their work or time. It is annoying when you are talking about something, either at the office in a meeting, or when you go out in town with a bunch of friends and people are not listening to you. They either scroll on Social Media, look for shoes or God knows what else, there are always people who are not listening. It makes you feel pretty bad, like whatever you are saying makes no sense or is not interesting at all, when it’s really not like that. Try to stay off your phone in social situations like going out, job meetings or dinner with your loved ones. Pay attention to what they have to say, you never know what kind of information you may get and they will pay you back the same way, by actually listening to your opinion and what you have to say. It is a form of respect…

2. Give out compliments

I know, it is kinda of hard when we only see problems everywhere. But life is made out of problems, good problems. Take a look at the big problem, split it in small steps then whenever a step is completed by yourself or someone else, just give it a go. Giver yourself a compliment or give the other person a compliment for a job done. Again, we are creatures of habit, we are what we repeatedly do. So after you started doing this and see some minor benefits, try to do it on a regular basis. Now, please don’t go too far. Don’t compliment same person every day twice, 5 days a week and a weekend reminder…

3. Donate to a charity

Again, we have bills, kids to support, a household to run. But, it does not have to be a crazy amount of money each month. It could be something small, like whatever you can afford, or you don’t even have to donate money, it could be something else. You might think that if you donate 20 USD monthly, that is a really small amount and no one is actually going to benefit, so why to donate in the first place ? Well, imagine a small community of individuals, like 1000 people. If each person in this community donates 5 dollars to a charity or for a good cause, the total would be 5000 USD, which is not that bad. This just from a small amount of people. It will also make us feel better about ourselves, by realising how much we actually have, but we are never aware of it. Let’s try it out.. it does not hurt.

4. Smile more.

Again, I feel we don’t smile as we should. We can always find some reasons to smile I guess, though sometimes it can be difficult, depending on what’s happening in our lifes. A nice sunshine, a blue ski, a good conversation, fresh bed sheets or a hot shower, all these little things have the power to make us smile. And if we cannot find joy in the small things, right now in our lifes, how are we going to be able to find happiness and joy in the big ones ? Also, smiling is contagious. No more words needed here, we all know what do we have to do.

5. Tip well for a good service.

Like really. I’ve been working myself in the Food and Beverage Industry and honestly, it is tough. You have to run like a dog, everybody wants more Coke, fresh ketchup, fries are cold, kitchen is looking for you because your ticket is messed up and so on. Been there, done that. If your server is doing a great job please take good care of him. This might be different in EU, AU or USA but I am sure there is some sort of standard. I remember when I was working back in the days and I had a big table of 10-15 people. Service went great, nothing to complain, expensive wine and food. They all smiled to me when they left (remember reason no. 4) and I smiled back to them because we smile and we are grateful and they tipped me like 5% on a pretty big bill. Dissapointed. Don’t be like that.

5 simple and handy ways to show appreciation to people in our life. I am sure there is a ton of ways out there, but I tried to sum up just a few, enough not to get you bored but interested…

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