To have or not to have a dog

Topic of the day: to have or not to have a dog. In this article I will try to shine a light on PROS and CONS of having a dog in your household.

The idea is simple, Pro’s and Cons. I will start with Pro’s.

  • Dogs are fun and emphatic – like I mean it, lots of fun, lots of love

I rememeber when I was a child, growing up in my parents house. We used to have a German Sheppard puppy. He was the after school joy, always in the mood to play around, always cheer me up when I was not in my best mood. Unconditional love and joy. Snuggle on the couch with him, running in the backyard, barking. (him, not me, just in case anyone’s wondering) Not sure if it happens to every dog owner out there, but they have a weird, funny habit. They love stealing either a shoe or a sock. I don’t really understand where is coming from, at those specific moments I used to get annoyed, but now when I look back, I really don’t care anymore about socks or shoes. Also, a dog has the ability to understand you, he does not need words. If you had a bad day, he is going to notice that and he will try to make you happy. Funny thing is, most of the times he is able to do that. If you are sad, he is going to be pretty sad too, if happy, well, he is happy too.

  • Reminder of being more present in our lifes

It is simple and maybe we should all learn from that. When a dog is tired, he takes a nap, if he is hungry he eats or asks for food, or if he is in the mood to play that’s what he is going to do. Nothing more, nothing less. They don’t really think of what happened yesterday, or what is going to happen tomorrow, worries, fears and all the miracles of the human brain. They just enjoy the present moment, whatever would that be and that’s it. A small lesson for joy and happiness maybe.

  • Incredibly loyal and unconditional love. Period

He really does not care if you gained pounds or lost pounds, he will not judge you if you are having a terrible hangover, lost your job, payed your taxes or whatever mentioned. He is there no matter what. As mentioned above, unconditional love. Have you ever watched those videos at the airport with American soldiers coming back home and surprising their dogs? The amount of joy, the sounds they make or how they jump in the owner’s arms says it all. Love, no words needed, no description, no hashtags, just love in its pure form.

Now the fun part, it is not all glamorous and bling- bling, we know that, let’s see some of the CONs of having a dog.

  • Maintenance

Having a dog is more work than you may think. Specially on the maintenance side, let’s put it like that. Some of them need to be brushed from time to time, or maybe their nails need to be clipped once in a while, bath, medical tests and insurance, bath, you name it. Having a dog is so so rewarding but in the same time it is a pretty big responsability. If you want him happy and you want him to give you back some of that happiness you have to take care of thim. Period.

  • Attention

They need it. Like really. They need your attention, they need you to play with them often, annoy them, spend some time with them or take them for a short walk in the morning or afternoon. They really feel things emotionally and they are not afraid to show it, if they are left alone, they feel that way and it is going to impact them in a negative way. If not sure you can provide the attention needed or you do not really have the time for that it is better not to buy or adopt a dog, just for now. There is nothing more sad than a sad dog. Well maybe there is, but it is still pretty sad.

  • It is pretty expensive to own a dog

Another pretty big thing to take in consideration. Owning a dog is pretty expensive, with all the toys, food, medical expenses or any other accesories, they all add up to the budget you know. So I would say at the end of the month if you do the math you would probably need a few extra bucks in the pocket just for them. So be aware of your budgets, you don’t want to buy him and feed him with grass, no no, not going to work.

All done, Tremo friends. A few PROS and CONS of owning a dog. In my opinion, it is a big responsability, honestly, but the rewards are pretty amazing to be honest. So think about it...

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