5 Mom Influencers to follow on Instagram

I had a thought this morning and I decided to write it down. Best spot ? On our blog, of course, so stay tuned !

A random idea popped up in my head this morning. I guess the rainy days of London can become a good source of inspiration. (just sometimes, I don’t like rain) So I decided to share it on our Blog and I picked 5 Influencers with relevant content for different topics in a Mum’s life. Topics are mentioned below, alongisde with a personal point of view for each one of them.

  • Nutrition for babies/toddlers
  • Parenting Humor
  • Educational tips for babies/toddlers
  • Fashion and style for Mums
  • Workout for Mums

Nutrition for babies/toddlers – Annabel Karmel

First topic picked is Nutrition. From my perspective, this is one is one of the most important topics in our kids lifes. We want them to grow healthy and happy. I consider myself a little bit obsessed when it comes to Health both physically and mentally so I try to be very careful with what I eat, what kind of Information I consume or how do I talk with myself. Going back to Nutrition though, I picked Annabel’s profile due to a few reasons. She is a Mom herself and a writer about Nutrition so obviously she is providing accurate information on topic. On her wesite, recipes are divided by age range, meal times, dish types , ingredients, family and much more. So everything you need, divided by category and also lots of accurate information about other topics as well. So, good place to start, check it out !

Parenting Humor – Stay at Homies

Humor. Important. Actually very important, according to some researchers. I don’t know where they from, don’t ask me that. The idea is that laughing is a small joy, we all had at least one moment in our daily lifes when we were about to punch someone in the face but we read that good joke, or we heard that funny person saying who knows what. Humor and laughing in general makes life easier, smiling and giggling is a must. There is a saying I like “don’t take yourself too seriously”. I guess it says a lot. So go ahead, scroll down her Feed for some funny Parenting Stuff, there is no need for description. Humor is just humor.

Educational tips for our babies/toddlers – simplylearning

Education starts when you are young. Very young in some cases. Pretty much that is a time-frame when you don’t feel pressured yet by things like bills, career, Netflix’s latest TV Shows or all the other joys of the capitalist world. So this is the point where you spark creativity in your kid, now it’s the time to discover things and play around. Kaitlyn is a Mom herself, a home educator and her motto is “making learning manageable and fun” for the busy moms out there, aka all moms. So go ahead, check her website and her Instagram account, you might find useful stuff !

Fashion and Style for Mums – Christine Andrew

Oh boy. Only if they would have the time needed. Style does not need any kind of description, is something most of us like I guess, we all want to look good and feel good. Luckily, nowadays you can find pretty much anything you like in regards of Styling and Fashion, there’s always deals everywhere and also lots of small brands with not so pricey outfits. Our choice on this topic is Christine from hellofashionblog. Inspiring outfits, beauty tips, travel and family, all in one place. Check out her feed and blog, it is inspiring indeed !

Workout – Ebonny Fowler

Working out is crazy nowadays. Everywhere on TV, Ads, Radio or whatever the importance of working out is highlighted and for a good reason. Fitness does not have to be that crazy schedule of waking up at 5 AM to go to the gym and stuff yourself with a bunch of supplements, strict dieting or “red pills” stuff where you get a six-pack overnight. No, the idea behind is that we need to move more, stretch our bodies and muscles. That’s it. I feel like this is a direct result of our lifestyle – sitting down way too much, either at the office or our own car or just laying down on the couch too much. This has to be compensated somehow. Find time for a few minutes of home workout everyday, Pilates, Yoga or walk more instead of driving, all these small actions add up and they make your body better. Our mention here is Ebonny Fowler, her profile has lots of simple workouts divided by muscle groups, with/without equipment and some of them can be executed from home. Check it out.

This was it pretty much. The Tuesday morning thought. I really hope you enjoyed it and most important I hope you’ve got some good insights out of it. Remember, information is key…

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