First Signs of Christmas | #TremoChristmas

Today marks exactly 44 days until the big day! Here at Tremo Books, we’ll be giving you all the tools to have the best Christmas.

Every week we’ll be posting three seasonal challenges – they might make for ideal photography sessions or fun activities for all the family.  Right up until Christmas you’ll have 24 things to get stuck into. Share your photos using the hashtag #TremoChristmas.

This week we’re focussing on how to kick your Christmas prep off in style! The countdown to Black Friday and your Christmas shopping is well and truly on. Have a read of our next three seasonal challenges to kick off the festive period.

1. Write a letter to Santa


This is a great activity to do with your kids. Bring out the cookies and hot chocolates to turn this into a real festive evening. There’s even a variety of organisations you can send it to who will even write back! If you’re in the UK the address you need is:

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

Unfortunately, Santa is very busy this time of year so using the address above, he might not have time to reply to everyone. Make an evening of it though and it’s an easy way of finding out what your kid wants this Christmas!

Santa is working with the Royal Institute of Blind People this year so if your child is blind or partially sighted then the address you need is: Santa Claus, RNIB, Midgate House, Peterborough, PE1 1TN. Santa’s elves will then send a reply in braille/large print. Alongside the letter include the child’s name, age and home address, a telephone number (in case there’s a query), as well as what format you require – either uncontracted or contracted Braille, a specific large font size, or audio CD. Make sure you get the letters sent in by 2nd December to make sure you get a reply. If you miss this deadline then Santa also has emails! Send an email before 20th December to and you’ll get a reply.

2. Something you’re reading

Christmas shouldn’t be stressful so make sure you take time to relax. There are so many activities you can get stuck into. Whether you’re into e-readers or your traditional paperback book there’s a book out there for everyone. This time of year is a perfect time to pick up bargain Christmas books. Grab a hot drink and turn your reading session into some photgraphy.


3. Christmas Lights are here!

Christmas lights have started to spring up across the UK and beyond. It won’t be long before they get turned on in your area. They can make for some amazing festive photos. All you need is a tripod – or something to rest your camera on. If you’re going when it’s dark, set a fairly high ISO around 800. Use a quick shutter speed to reduce camera shake. The important thing to remember is experimenting is a good thing! You might get loads of dodgy pictures but the great ones will make it all worth it!


Check back next week for your next installment of our #TremoChristmas.




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