Family Stories l Chapter 6

Here on our blog we’re shining a light on Mums from all walks of life. In this article we talk to Hailey. Mum to Lidiana Allegra and Gia she’s based in Australia. Read on to see what she has to say on all things parenting…

What does Parenting mean to you ?

Parenting to me is getting to enjoy and re live your childhood and enjoy the simple things through the eyes of a child. Sometimes, as an adult we forget to enjoy the small things and we concentrate on these big goals that we all have like career for example. This kidnaps from us the simple things sometimes and for some reason, simple things bring us the so called joy and happyness. Parenting is hard but I choose to enjoy all of it even the mundane. Don’t get me wrong I am far from perfect and I have my moments. But le’t not chase perfection I say.

How did your life change after having your first child?

It changed a lot, honestly. None of my friends had kids so I lost a lot of friends as they didn’t understand. We may not have been prepared to have a baby but we became stronger and she made us focus on different things to give her the best life. We were travelling a lot and not saving a penny and as soon as we found out we changed our life direction. So, basically, our life changed completely. From our approach to finances or to find the best way to give her the proper tools to develop as an adult, losing friends, adjusting priorities, everything changed. We’re still the same persons, we still enjoy doing some things in our own way, so in essence we are the same, but with a completely new approach to life. All, in a blink of an eye.

In your opinion, what’s the most rewarding aspect of parenting?

Everything, but when they run up to you and wrap their little arms around you and say “I love you…” nothing is better than that feeling. It’s something that cannot be really explained, you have to feel it, it is such a different type of satisfaction, nothing else that you achieve professionally or who knows what, it’s going to give you the same feelings. At least for me. Also, I love watching them do new things, ohhh baby laughs and smiles, there is so much to love and cherish. Life is a blessing indeed.

How is Parenting today comparing to the way you have been raised by your parents ?

Hmmm this is hard for me. I guess a lot more relaxed back then and we were very poor. I think that is why I try to give my girls lots of experiences and holidays and camping. I think it might be a thing that each parent experiences in some way, they try to give their kids whatever was missing from their childhood, be it some sort of education, a more stable financial situation, affection and so on. I am not sure, I am curious to see other stories, it would be an interesting insight.

What was the hardest moment in this journey, as a family, to overcome?

To be honest we have been very lucky and we haven’t had any real hurdles or hard moments.
Maybe worth to mention that I lost my job when I had my first baby, as we lost funding in the government changes, I was on a contract and no one was going to give a 4 months pregnant person a new job, in the end it was a blessing in disguise. I gained a new little best friend, we bought our first house and we got married. So the point here is, looking back at this trial in my life, which at that point was considered a small tragedy, it actually got me where I am here today. And we evolve from these things, from the hardships we overcome, throughout life.

What annoys you the most about Parenting ?

The lack of space, having a audience whilst on the toilet… and the talking that does not stop Hahahaha. They invade your life step by step, in a good way. I cannot imagine my life without them now, I don’t want to think how is it going to be when they grow up and move out of the house…

Now is your chance to embarrass your kid – tell me an embarrassing story

I have one which is really embrassing. One we love telling in our house is the time Allegra as a baby pooped on my face. We can’t even hide it because she tells everyone. She did a pop off and it got me on the face. There is no need for more details here, you can imagine.

We’re gonnna continue our series, Family Stories, here on the blog, to point out the ups and downs of being a Parent, there is no doubt that there is more ups than downs and over time all those bad moments and challenges they pale compared to the good things… so many good things…

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