It’s Nearly Christmas! | #TremoChristmas

Today marks exactly 8 weeks until the big day and here at Tremo Books, we’ll be giving you all the tools to have the best Christmas.

Every week we’ll be posting with three seasonal challenges – they might make for ideal photography sessions or fun activities for all the family.  Right up until Christmas you’ll have 24 things to get stuck into. Share your photos using the hashtag #TremoChristmas.

This week we’re focussing on the first signs of Christmas. Halloween has been and gone and Christmas fever has well and truly hit the shelves. Have a read of our first three seasonal challenges to kick off the festive period.

1. The Golden Hour

hot-chocolate-1047608_1920Take advantage of the crisp winter air – if it’s frosty, even better. Head out for a stroll. See what photos you can grab while you’re out – close up frosty leaves, trees, rivers and selfies could all make some super cute photos.

If you’re not an early bird then get your photos a bit later in the day. If you’re after those Instagram hits, golden hour light is where you need to be! Just before it starts to get dark there’s always some beautiful light (as long as it’s sunny!). It’s a perfect time to get those autumnal selfies, group shots and leaf close-ups.

If you’d rather stay inside in the warm, there’s so many options for you! Shorter nights make for ideal movie nights. Think making some popcorn for all the family and hot chocolates! A good swirl of chocolate makes for a delicious close-up shot.

2. Christmas Baking Galore!

Right about now you might be thinking about preparing your Christmas Cake. We love using this recipe. If you’re not a fan of Christmas Cake or have another favourite Christmas bake, this is the week to get stuck in! If you fancy turning it into photography challenge, get the kids making it and you taking the photos! Whether that’s the actual mixture, finished products or your kids having the time of the life – there’s something for everyone!


3. Christmas Adverts are here!

Gettting festive before December is becoming easier an easier with Christmas adverts hitting our screens right now. Keep your eyes peeled as they come out. Here in the UK, some companies have made the release of their Christmas ads traditions – take the annual release of the John Lewis advert for one! Some don’t go down so well though. ASDA released their Christmas ad a couple of days ago. In the process of releasing it they sent viewers into a frenzy “forecasting” high levels of Northern Lights activity across the South East of England. Sadly there were no Northern Lights to be seen – but we can carry on hoping!


Check back next week for your next installment of our #TremoChristmas.




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