A few reasons why a photo book is a meaningful gift idea

Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.

This blog post is a result of a conversation I was having with a friend of mine, one of those conversations that sticks with you, just like other things in life. We talked about time and how we waste it on irrelevant things sometimes, but that is a discussion for a different topic. What stayed with me is in the following lines:

– “What is the best way to stop time for a second ?”

-“Take a photo” he said, time stops when you take a photo, right ?

Christmas is coming by fast and as we already know, a favorite part of it is presents for family, friends, dogs, and whoever is important to each one of us. So, we decided to give you a few reasons for why we think a photo book could be an award winning thing when talking about meaningful gifts.

No one can ever take your memories from you

No matter what will happen, a photo book will stay with you. Sure, it is going to get dusty, but from time to time, you will take it out and relive those moments. Wisdom and advice from our grandparents, joy of a high school friendship, pain of a breakup (really, don’t put that in a photo book), satisfaction with your children to see them growing up while they heavily helped you to age faster. Delightful, right? These are all small recipes for happiness. Our family and friends equals big parts of happiness. Anything else could make your life easier but not fulfilled. So take a second and go through your memories, do you feel the emotion attached?

Your life is your story

It is personal, no one else has the same story as you. I think there’s a few ways to tell something about a person. There is a saying that I like: “if you wanna know someone just look at who they surround themselves with”. Let me look at their photos, either online or physical and I would probably be able to tell a few things about them, what they like, what they do or how they do it. Like a memoir, but with photos.

Builds better relationships aka big part of life

We’re all humans and I think this applies to all of us. When you look through your memories, those peaceful evenings by the fire or on the porch, you see some of your old friends in. You might want to send a text to some of them, see what’s happening in their lives, if they are close relatives, you probably know that, but you might see things differently. Maybe you’ll realize how much they’ve done for you in certain moments, so that connection becomes stronger. As mentioned earlier, life’s about connections and connecting dots between them, so go ahead, look at some photos. See if you miss someone, shoot them a text and strengthen the connection. It is easy, handy and it’s rewarding.

Great Christmas activity to do with your loved ones

We talked about the importance of connections in life, but there is another small ingredient to complete the recipe. An important event, like Christmas, which is a reason for gathering loved ones around you and tell stories. First, your family, take them all around the Christmas tree and look through photos, take new ones and just be there, I cannot really explain that in words, you have to feel it…sometimes, meeting with family for Christmas, means going back in our hometown, so it is a good time to meet old peeps from high school or college. Meet with them, besides having a great time, you never know what kind of opportunity might arise. Maybe it’s a job related thing, partnership or a recommendation. You never know if you do not try.

Be present here and now, stop fantasizing about future

This might be a tricky one to explain, but let me try. The first rational question would be something like: “If I stare at all these photos and memories, won’t this make me live in the past for a while ?”…well, short answer is yes, but the question we want you to ask yourself is more like “How was I able to do these things? I want to do more…” then the answer lies, here and now, be present, life is now, you create your future memories now, every day. Be more present in your life, take more photos, I don’t really want to say “live everyday like it’s your last one”, that is black and white type of thinking from my perspective, you can’t really be so thrilled about your life every single day, but live it wise enough to be able to create those memories…

Photography is a form of expressing ourselves, when our words can’t find words to say what they feel. (deep one, ha?) Here, at Tremo Books, these reasons are enough to work hard and print memories for people around the world, make them happy and present. Remember, connecting dots.

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