5 Reasons Why Photo Books and Gifts are the Most Meaningful of all…

With Halloween out the way, Christmas has begun (well sort of!). The most organised amongst you will have started thinking about your Christmas shopping. Buying presents year after year can get increasingly harder. There’s so many photo gifts out there – whether you opt for one of our Tremo Books or other personalised gifts. Photo gifts may be the answer to all of your problems!

1. You decide the content!

Time is so valuable – spend it on your family’s Christmas gift and it’s sure to be the most meaningful gift they get this Christmas. What’s better than a gift that you’ve designed? Remember that whatever gift you choose you can be sure that there’s no other product like that on the market. It’s the ultimate in unique – just perfect for the person who has everything!

If you’re not sure what photos to use – think about your loved one’s favourite holiday destination. You could pick photos from somewhere they’ve not been able to visit for a while? Why not use photos from some kind of family event – or maybe a university graduation?

2. Make your holiday memories last a lifetime!

Photo gifts are perfect to make your holiday memories last a lifetime. You can take your photos off your phone to make the perfect coffee table book for you and your family to look through. You could get every holiday turned into a photo book – think of the collection you could build up!

3. You can put down your screens

Stepping away from your digital life is always a good step to take. Taking your photos off the computer will really help you to do this. Digital files aren’t always safe, but tangible photos are! Photo gifts can be treasured for years to come and are way more tangible than a digital file.

4. It’s useful AND personalised

Useful can also look good! With the huge array of personalised photo gifts available, you can get something your loved one can use every single day. From mugs to notepads and gadget cases there’s something for everyone.

If you know anyone who’s just gone off to University this September than photo gifts are a particularly good option. Personalised blankets with their favourite photo will help them stay warm and cozy this winter.

Why not get a Tremo Book for your family this Christmas?

(Photos from @the.becki.edit on Instagram)

5. Gather the inspiration and document progress

Whether there’s a big project coming up or you want to document progress of a particular life event a photo book could be the perfect gift idea. Taking on a big project like renovating a house, building a business, getting in shape or even just dedicating a few months to making a more complete you, nothing is more rewarding than seeing where you started and what you’ve achieved over time.

Photo Books could be a trophy of your loved one’s achievements. If nothing else it’s a chance to put into practice some of the tips we’ve put on this blog! If you’re after a kickstart with your photography keep an eye out for our #TremoChristmas. Every week from today leading up until Christmas we’ll be posting three challenges for you to get stuck into! 

A Photo Book could be the perfect gift for anyone doing some interior design. Having a stack of photo books could be the perfect decoration and momento to treasure forever.

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