How to Organise Years of Photos

I don’t know about you but I seem to take hundreds of photos (sometimes just in a day!). As I’m sure you can imagine, the numbers of photos on my phone or camera can get very big, very quickly! But how do you organise your photos without getting overwhelmed?

Organise your photos by year

I’m only just beginning to put this into practice, but there are so many tools you can use to not drown in photos! I’d start off small. Organise your photos into folders according to the year that they were taken.  This means that, at very least you’ll be able to search through your photos by year!

Try out cloud based storage

If you do anything else then please back up your photos. Unfortunately, although memory sticks and external hard drives do their job they’re not 100% foolproof. By all means put your photos on there but why not try out a cloud based storage platform? There’s so many options out there from Google Photos to Amazon Prime Photos. These services can also automatically group your photos by place or even photo subject. On some devices you can set your photos to automatically upload to the cloud.

Delete your photos as you go along

Have you taken a super nice picture of some grass? Or even an accidental selfie with the camera pointing the wrong way? Delete those pictures before they start to mount up. Only storing your favourite photos will be much kinder to your phone or SD card storage. It will also make the overall numbers seem way more manageable.

Did you know you can get SD card readers for your phone? These can be really useful if you’re on holiday or away from a computer for a longer period of time. Sometimes it’s really difficult to know what photos to delete. Loading your photos onto a bigger screen can help you decide. You can also try out some smartphone apps to edit your photos. For more help with this check out our previous blog post on smartphone photography.


Share and print your photos

Even if it’s just sharing your photos on Instagram you’ll still have a back up for your photos, so do it! Remember that you can make your account totally private if you’d prefer. If you’d rather have physical copies then there’s no safer way of keeping your photos than through a physical print. There’s so many websites you can use to print out your photos. Even if you’re just putting prints into a photo album, it’s still worth it! If you’re feeling a little more creative then a quick google of “Photo DIY” there’s so much you can do with prints – from photo transfers to photo frames and everything in between.

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